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Installation and configuration of security plugins in the WordPress environment, in order to eliminate possible loopholes that could be used by criminals to invade the site. It includes checking and configuring users, changing the login URL, enabling firewall, time limit for logged-in users, blocking editing and burning of Wordpress sensitive files and more.

In addition to the installation and configuration of the security features included in the Starter plan, from the Security package we offer analysis and blocking of attempts to illegitimate access to the site, inclusion of attacker IPs in blacklists and real-time monitoring of intrusion attempts and accesses.

Weekly update of core Wordpress files and all site plugins and templates. For updating templates and plugins, in some cases we need to be given access to the environment in which these components were purchased.

NOTE: If security patches are made available or critical issues are corrected, the mentioned components will be updated immediately, even if the moment for weekly update has not been reached.

Installation and configuration of tools to obtain basic statistics of access to the site. The statistical information is send on to client along with the service rendering report, according to the chosen plan, allowing management analysis and appropriate decision making.

Starter - Total number of hits to the site in the period

Security - Number of hits per day and per site page

Business - Number of hits per day and per page and demographic data about users of the site (country / city, age and gender)

Enterprise - Number of hits per day per page, demographic data about users of the site (country / city, age and gender), user interests, browsers, operating system, screen resolution, devices used (mobile, desktop or tablet) .

Deployment and configuration of resources to optimize the speed of the site, making it more agile and easily accessible.

From the Business plan, our team provides priority support, working on customer solutions even at work and at weekends.

NOTE: The working hours used for priority support solutions are deducted from the monthly ceiling of the client's technical hours, depending on the contracted plan.

If the client decides to change the hosting or domain, our team provides the complete migration of the website to the new environment, quickly, safely and professionally.

For Enterprise Plan customers, we have created our own environment for testing and developing new features so that they are only available to users after they have been tested and approved.

In this environment, there is no interference on the official website, which remains active and functional as changes are performed on the test platform.

Installation, configuration and maintenance of the virtual store, including means of payment, products etc. Service limited to the number of hours per month of the plan contracted by the client.

Personalized service by our team, for Enterprise plan customers. This service is available on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm (GMT).

Backups of the site, the database, the .htaccess access file, and the wp-config.php configuration file. In addition to enhancing security, these actions allow you to recover your site in case of problems.

These services are carried out in the periodicity defined in the contracted plan.

Document in .PDF format sent to the client with the services executed in the period and diverse statistics of the site.

Punctual interventions on the site, motivated by the client's request.

It includes edits (inclusion and change of texts in blogs and in the site), various customizations, such as color change, inclusion of elements, installation and configuration of plugins, bug fixes etc.

For each request, our team estimates the time for completion and executes it only after client approval.

Creation of visual content and publication on the client's social network page Facebook and Instagram, according to the client's priorities and definitions.

Creating and sending an email to the client-defined recipient base.


NOTE: The service does not include the creation of the lists of recipients, for which the contracted technical hours will be used, depending on the plan.

Creation of an advertisement on the Google Ads platform, according to the target audience, goals and budget defined by the client.

Our team reviews the most relevant keywords and publishes the ad, monitoring results monthly and making the necessary adjustments to extend reach.

Creation of a monthly advertisement on the Facebook Ads platform, according to the target audience, goals and budget defined by the client.

Our team publishes the ad and monitors the results on a monthly basis, making the necessary adjustments to extend the reach if applicable.

Services Disclaimer

The plans described are suggestions for monthly Digital Marketing services, not including creating websites or pages on social networks.

To hire these services or a personalized plan, please contact us and ask for a quote.

Our commitment

Our greatest motivation has always been the satisfaction of our customers and friends. More important than getting a business, is having the work recognized and thus be nominated for new projects. Therefore, we always treat with absolute respect all the requests.

We try to analyze expectations and present a compatible technical solution, explaining in a didactic way the reasons for choosing. Nothing is imposed, the customer only pays for the work if he is 100% satisfied with the result.

What's more, we do not "lock" our customers with forced maintenance. Instead, we teach you how to make site and content updates. You only hire maintenance if you want. All material produced is yours, and you can do whatever you want with it, including hiring another professional to continue or improve it. This is respect for the client and the investment made.

Send us a message. Let us know your ideas, realize your expectations and present a compatible Digital Marketing plan. We do not try to "push" products or solutions, we offer only what we understand is ideal for your specific case.


Complete solutions in Digital Marketing, including creation of websites and pages in social networks, digital advertising, maintenance of Wordpress sites (including security aspects, performance, design), custom development and more.

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